Computer Jobs Search Tips

If you've been looking for IT jobs without much luck, you may need to brush up on some basic job-hunting skills. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Create a powerful resume. When was the last time you updated your resume? It should include all your most recent information, including employment dates, education, training, special certifications, and relevant computer knowledge. Ideally, your resume should fit on one page, with a clear basic font (like Times New Roman) on heavy, high-quality paper. You should have an electronic resume that is compatible with most operating systems and will upload easily to the web. Always have someone proofread your resume before sending it out, especially if English isn't your native language.

Review your qualifications. Take some time to go over your education and certifications. If you've been in the computer industry for a while, then you most likely have received training along the way. These details should be on your resume! If you are woefully behind in training, then it's time to catch up. If possible, gear your resume to the job you're applying for. For example, if one of the main job requirements is possessing a CCNA certification, then put that at the top of your qualifications.

Stay current! The computer and technology industry changes at a faster pace than any other field. To find a good job (and keep that job), you need to be constantly learning the newest information. For many people this pace is both tiring and exciting: you can't really afford to step back but you probably wouldn't want to anyway.

Ace the interview. Once you get called in for the interview, you need to hit the web and find out as much about the company and position as possible. Know what you're getting into before the interview. Have a list of questions ready, and prepare answers beforehand (especially when explaining gaps or inconsistencies in your resume). Even if the actual job can be done from home in your pajamas, dress professionally and look sharp for the interview.

Last Updated: 07/13/2014

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