How To Find Computer Jobs

Quite literally, computer jobs are everywhere. Because 21st-century business can't easily be done without a computer, companies usually employ at least one computer "geek," if not a whole department devoted to information technology and support.

Check the local paper. Depending on where you live, the right computer job may be just down the street with a small business or school administration building. Take some time to sit down with the classified advertising section of your local newspaper-you may see jobs that aren't listed anywhere else.

Research local companies. Many computer and IT companies operate in mid-sized office buildings out of small cities and suburbs all over America. Look them up on the web and spend some time checking over their websites, where these companies often post jobs. It might not hurt to get your resume on file with a great local company even if it's not currently hiring.

Use online search engines. Online job boards can be a great resource for all kinds of computer jobs. Find jobs locally, or consider international positions with some of the larger companies. You can search both national and global computer jobs with many online search engines. Bookmark them for regular use, so you don't miss that perfect job when it appears.

Get your foot in the door. To break into the computer industry, you may want to consider data entry, sales, quality assurance(QA)/tester, or technical support (technician/help desk) jobs. These entry-level jobs will help you get the experience you need to move ahead in the computer industry.

Check requirements. Different companies and computer jobs require varying degrees of education and training. When a particular job opportunity jumps out at you, don't forget to check that you have the appropriate requirements.

Last Updated: 07/13/2014

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